How it works

We complete your tasks remotely

At LeanStaff, we source, screen, and pair you with highly-skilled, ready-to-hire talent. We also take care of IT, HR, and payroll — so you can focus on growing your business.

Whatever hesitations or preconceived notions you may have about remote workforces (opaque offshore outsourcers, distracted freelancers, questionable work environments, etc.), we’re ready to change your mind.

We started out as chartered accountants in 2012 and clients were so impressed with our speed, accuracy and great work that they asked us to help them with their admin, operations and back office work.

1) Lets have a meeting

Book a call with one of our growth experts to get started.

This is the part where you tell us what you’re looking for and we become experts on your organization. We take the time to fully understand your unique goals, budget, timelines, and corporate culture so we can truly meet your needs.

2) Discover your candidates.

We take the legwork out of the screening and recruitment process by hand-picking candidates that match your business.

You’ll get access to a private talent portal where you can browse your paired candidates, review their experience, and watch short bio videos. Don’t see the right person for the job? Let us know — we’ll refine our search and send you more candidates.

3) Assemble your dream team.

Once you have your top choices, you can book interviews directly through your talent portal.

We’re there to guide you through every step of the selection process, facilitating each interview, gathering feedback about each candidate, and putting together the final team. From there, just pick a start date, and we’ll get your team in place.

4) Ready, set, scale.

We work with you to develop training and onboarding programs that are an extension of your in-house processes, but optimized for scale.

We develop custom KPIs based on your goals, and adapt them for globally distributed teams to address cultural differences. If you don’t already have these systems in place, we’ll help you build them from scratch.

We also run technology assessments to ensure that you and your team have the right tools and are using them efficiently. Already have a suite of tools in place? Perfect! We can work within your current environments and processes.

5) Don’t be a stranger.

We encourage you to visit your remote team and spend some time at Bolton HQ. Get some valuable facetime, align on goals, and meet the whole Bolton team.

Stay a while — we know the best spot for adobo in Manila!

6) Future-proof your growth.

Sign that high-dollar deal with confidence that your workforce can scale with you, on demand.

Need to grow your team from 5 to 50 people overnight? Don’t break out in a cold sweat, break out the champagne! We’ve got you covered.


What hours do the remote staff work?

They usually work from 8am till 4pm UK GMT, however they can also work earlier or later if required.